Guest house Modřanka

The guest house is situated close to the centre of the mountain resort Pece pod Sněžkou 740 m above sea level, adjacing just to the right of the driveway before the central crossroads in Pec.


It offers accommodation for up to 46 persons. Guests have 6/double rooms, 3/rooms with three beds, 4/rooms with four beds, 1/room with six beds at their disposal, 1/room with seven beds at their disposal Out of these, one room is a suite with four beds, attached batheroom, toilet, TV set and fridge. There is a washbasin with hot and cold water installed in all the other rooms; there are common sanitary installations on each floor.

Rooms 2 have a bathroom across the hall with an entrance directly opposite the room. 

There is a 4-bed apartment with TV and refrigerator, fully equipped bathroom with hydromassage shower, toilet and bidet, two double rooms with bathroom (toilet and shower). 

The whole hotel was newly renovated and another new apartment was added with 3 rooms with a total of 7 beds. The apartment is equipped with TV and refrigerator, fully equipped bathroom.

A lounge is available to guests with a TV set. As a common service, guests have a private car par with 15 parking lots at their disposal just next to the guest house. The car park is also maintained during the winter season, it is not necessary to use anti-skid chains. Guest who are accommodated in the guest house may use the car park free of charge. In winter, guests may use a capacious storage room for skis with a winter entrance; the room may be used for storing bicycles during the summer season.

The whole guest house is a non-smoking area; smokers may use balconies. Guests may take their dog or another pet with them for a fee 100,- CZK/day.

It is also possible for us to organize not just of any party, but also the Wedding.


New possibility of corporate events and accommodation, ski training and courses, schools in nature.Call for information


We still have spare capacity

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